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Do You Need a Property Buyer to Buy Your House?

Customers often ask us ‘who will buy my house today’, or how do I sell my home if it isn’t in the perfect location, nicely modernised and in an affluent area. Too often house and property sellers think that their house or home needs to be just right in every conceivable way for a property buyer to be interested in buying a home quickly for cash.

Houses bought at Auction are sometimes in poor condition

This clearly isn’t the case even if you need think I want to sell my house fast. Many property and house buyers purchase homes at Auction and sometimes auction properties leave little to be desired, some of them are extremely run down and in desperate need of modernisation; so we are sure that your home will seem like a palace to most home and property buyers, even if it may need a little tlc!

Buy my house reviews

Many home and property buyers have reviews in Google or Yahoo search, just type into the search box buy my house reviews and you’ll see results from lots of home buying companies (Sell Quick, Flying Homes , National House Buyers etc), and indeed many of them will post reviews of their service from satisfied customers. Here at House Property Buyers, we are no different and you will find reviews from our many satisfied clients too! So check these reviews out and then call us and we will be delighted to get the home buying process started!

Value my house, we tell you how to work out your home’s worth

Before starting the property buying process I’m sure you will be wanting to know who will value my house, how do I go about finding out what my home is worth? Well we do a similar thing when sourcing property for sale like yours for our property buyers, and it’s no secret, you can do it too!

Tip – Use Land Registry and online portals to work out your house’s value

Go to the UK Government Land Registry website and see what houses in your street have sold historically – over the last year to 18 months, and providing property prices haven’t changed to muxch in that time, then you now know roughly what your house is worth! Next try looking in Zoopla and Rightmove, maybe Prime location too, and again see what houses are for sale just like yours, 2, 3 bed or whatever, and see if they match your home in number of bedrooms, design, facilities and amenities.

Comparing prices, do your homework and find out how to work it out!

Now you should have several sold house prices and maybe a few current houses for sale to compare. So take the average of them all, and would you be happy with that figure. Does it look silmilar to current properties for sale in your street given the aspect of your home, amenities and general condition? It does? Great, now you know of of estate agents’ hidden secrets; ie the best way to value your home!

Get fully informed with your house value and call HPB

Armed with this information, call us and we can chat through your figures and what we think you can expect to achieve for your home, within your selling timescale!

buy my house and rent it back?

Are you needing someone to buy your house and rent it back? This used to be a popular service, but too often property sellers were selling their homes to unscrupulous property buyers at a knock down price in the hope that they would be allowed to rent it back long term (sale and rent back).

Avoid unscrupulous property buyers

Unfortunately what happened in practice was that one the sale had gone through then the property buyer (who had now become their Landlord) evicted the ‘seller’ and sold the house for a fat profit. As a result, this area is now heavily regulated, and there are few firms authorised to carry out this kind of property transaction. Indeed if sale and rent back is practiced by unauthorised firms, then this would be considered a scam, a ‘buy my house scam’ as it’s often referred to online.

House prices – not much change!

House prices have been pretty level since from the drop in 2008 to 2013, some areas have reported rises, but invariably the are the same old areas, London and the South East which tend to always buck the trend. For everyone else, normal house sellers in ‘Northern cities’ in particular, it’s doom and gloom with house prices stagnant. This is obviously good for property buyers, particularly Landlords who are looking to ‘buy to let, as opposed to buying houses like yours to sell on for a profit.

Rightmove, buy my house

Rightmove don’t actually buy houses, they simply list them for sale on behalf of their clients who are estate agents. Currently (2013) Rightmove and the other main online portal, Zoopla, don’t accept listings from private house sellers, if you want to sell your house privately, then I’m afraid it’s very much a case of going it alone (although there are a number of online estate agents who have buyers looking to buy cheap property, so price it right for a quick sale!)

mortgage calculator, calculate mortgage or rental payments when you rent or buy your new home

There are many free mortgage calculators on the web, indeed there is a good mortgage calculator here. These can be useful when calculating how much you can afford to pay when taking out a mortgage. House and property buyers also use mortgage calculators to work out property yields on their buy to let portfolios etc House Property Buyers can really help you achieve financial freedom from your home if you need to sell it quickly. Call now on 0800 68 90 470 ask our staff to ‘buy my house please’ or get the ball rolling by completing our free online quote form!